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Boca’s strong farm to table focus, in addition to prioritizing taste and service, is what sets it apart. Boca’s menu is based on the local food movement and sources ingredients from nearby farmers and specialty food purveyors. We believe with farm to table fare everybody wins, from farmer to chef to diner, a high quality, locally sourced meal is benefiting to all. Thinking globally, sourcing locally.

Ever wonder where our fresh, local ingredients come from and how they are used within our menu? Check out our 1st edition of Local Dirt which will be continuously updated for seasonal changes and new offers.

Are you a local farm, fishery or business and looking to partner with Boca? Click here for our Future Partner Application!

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Boca Hyde Park Tampa

Hyde Park

About Boca South Tampa:

Boca is located on West Platt Street in historic Hyde Park. The Hyde Park location was chosen based on the sense of community that exists in this neighborhood - a perfect match to the Boca experience. Boca, like the streets of Hyde Park, is just minutes from Tampa but a world away from the city. The arrangement of the tables and the seating in the establishment encourages conversation and communion - a sense that this is a community gathering. The menu is set up the same way with a sense for sharing. A meal here might be one or two items for one person or several items served up to share with companions.

Local, simple, and honest

Boca Winter Park

Winter Park

About Boca Winter Park:

Boca is located on the cobblestone streets of Park Ave in historic Winter Park FL. There are items on the menu that will be there from day one, and will remain there; because sometimes, you want to go to a place and taste the familiar - it's comforting. There is room on the menu for playful exploration as well. The hope is that you will enjoy food here that is hearty and comfortable but also things that perhaps you have never tried or even heard of before.

Local, simple, and honest

Boca Brandon


About Boca Brandon:

In a time not long ago, people lived and worked in communities that connected them to the fabric of life. Communion and connection were strengthened by the intimacy of commerce set forth by the traditional marketplace. This traditional marketplace model is reflected in the Winthrop Town Centre and is a perfect match to the Boca experience.

Local, simple, and honest